What is Machinism?

Machinism is a nontheistic, animistic expression of
religiosity and/or philosophy.
Someone who practices or believes in the tenets of the
system of Machinism is called an Engineerist. This is
because the Principia Industria, the foundational text for
the religion of Machinism suggests that we ought to
“engineer a world for splendor.”

Principia Industria

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The indicium is a coin divination system using 8 coins from around the world.  One side is marked with the procursus, or 8 pointed star.  Readings work best with closed ended questions, but offer much more detailed information than yes or no.  

Instructions on how to read the indicium can be found in the Principia Industria. 


  • $20 for online readings

  • $40 for live online readings

  • $50 for in person reading in Los Angeles

  • $150 for events (two readers provided)