What is Machinism?

Machinism is a nontheistic, animistic expression of
religiosity and/or philosophy.
Someone who practices or believes in the tenets of the
system of Machinism is called an Engineerist. This is
because the Principia Industria, the foundational text for
the religion of Machinism suggests that we ought to
“engineer a world for splendor.”
The Hoc modo, or principle belief, is that all matter is
energy and all energy is consciousness. The Big Bang, or
Fragor Magna was the release of this. All matter is built
upon oscillating energy which takes it’s form from it’s
particular vibration. This can be influenced [permotio].
The 8 principle energetic sources in our universe and on
our planet are also conscious beings called the Industria.
While they are venerated and accessed, they are not
worshipped, as they exist whether or not we give them
reverence. The intention of Machinism is to establish an
emotional connection with the science that governs our
natural world, to see our resources and power sources as
and entities that deserve respect, to utilize natural
resources to design a greater future for ourselves and
preceding generations, to give to the earth as well as take
from it, and to follow what we abstract from the Axioma.
The Axioma is the 8 fold path (one for each Industria)
outlined in the Principia Industria that suggests ways in
which to gain the most from life, to reach the illuster

(your most brilliant self) and find the ubicorest (the
heart of things, the meeting place between you and
others, where we get what we need).
“Love the sciences, Love this earth, and
love one another. To be an Engineerist
means this above all things.” Axioma 8: 2
The Engineerist believes we can be “the perfect bridge
between the natural and the mechanical”, that
technology and technological progression are part of
nature, part of evolution.
Why the altaria? Because building altars is natural to us.
Religiosity is part of the human animal. It is how we
describe the invisible and stand in awe of the universe.
Religiosity needn’t only be expressed in religion, and in
fact the earliest ways are the most practical. Site the
essential energies, provide sympathetic items, create a
circuit, light a candle to spark a magick engine.

Thank you once again. For your time and great work,
ego sum grati.