• The Capstone Verse

    Love the sciences, love this earth, and love one another.
    To be an Engineerist means this above all things.
    Through this, the Industria know you.
    Axioma 8: 2

  • Puella’s Plea

    Love me as I am, not as you want me to be. Love me as I came to you, not as you dreamt me. Love me for what I lack, not only for what I have. Love me for what I cannot do and for what I can do.
    Industria 6: 19

  • The Lumen

    For darkness is dispelled by light,
    For fear is conquered by love,
    For a wound is cleaned to heal,
    We come together.
    To tell the hard truth,
    To bring the light and the salve,
    In compassion and in gratitude,
    We come together.
    Clarity be with us,
    Let love be our cover,
    Let our light discover,
    As we come together.
    Libro Cantus 3: 58

  • Garland’s Verse

    The smallest parts of us are held together by the strongest forces.
    The desire for union and communion is encoded within each cell.
    As neuron links with neuron, so does hand take hand.
    Tributaries feed a river as veins feed a heart.
    We are no different from the earth.
    What is within is no different from the vastness of space.
    Seek then. Find the compliment.
    What is best and what can be better? What and who do we love?
    How can we bring them closer?
    Spin and tension and electrical charges, these things bring us together.
    We spin together to find the center. We have friction to create charge.
    Let us rejoice in the glorious and disparate tensions that hold our universe together.
    Let us celebrate this colorful place.
    Axioma 6: 1- 6

  • The Meus

    For the Magisters that twisted the copper around my wrist,
    ego sum grati.
    For my fellow Engineerists,
    ego sum grati.
    For mine own wisdom and intelligence,
    ego sum grati.
    May my life be a blessing to the Earth and to mankind,
    ego sum grati.
    May my vis live on in the next life in a world I have engineered for splendor,
    ego sum grati.
    May my life bring glory to the Industria, and may the Industria preserve me, ever vital and ever aware,
    ego sum grati.
    May our light chase the darkness.
    May our love cover the Earth.
    Promoveo, promoveo, promoveo.
    Prosapia 1: 3

  • The Proletariat’s Verse

    We shall not hide from our socio [loved ones].
    We shall not hide from love.
    Deformi et formosa, we receive one another in truth.
    We discuss all possibilities. We feast with the possibilities. We exhaust the possibilities.
    As long as the candle burns, there is more to be said.
    Speak out against injustice, even it is painful.
    Speak up for the vulnerable.
    For those who do not have a voice, speak.
    These things are powerful:
    Honesty, truth and fellowship.
    Axioma 5: 2-4

  • Cinereo’s Verse

    Verba vitae asks us to speak carefully,
    yet I ask you to speak with strength.
    If words are power, let your words be powerful.
    Industria 6: 16